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UnisBrands Sponsors Penn State Capstone Design Projects

UnisBrands has sponsored two Capstone Design teams through the Penn State Learning Factory. Both projects will involve two teams consisting of 8 total student Interns over a 15-week semester. Considering that students will also be taking other courses at the same time, this equates to approximately 400 person hours of effort devoted to the project. Results from student teams are highly dependent on the nature of the project, the innate team capabilities, the amount of client interaction and support, and many other variables. No guarantees can be made, other than the students will give it their best effort.

Project Deliverables

Depending on the nature of the project, the deliverables may include any or all of the following:

  • Technical reports (concept, preliminary, detail)

  • Feasibility studies, engineering analyses

  • Competitive benchmarking

  • Engineering drawings and specifications

  • Prototypes and preliminary hardware

  • Computer programs, simulation models, data

  • Manufacturing or service delivery process plans

  • Presentations, animations, videos, demonstrations

  • Final technical report, poster, and one-page summary