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Unis Brands: Footwear of the future! (WTAJ News)

State College, Pa – A Penn State student is taking footwear into the future!

Nicholas unis is the CEO of Unis Brands, a footwear company that designs and customizes shoes with the use of a 3D printer.

He came up with the idea in high school and developed it over his time at Penn State Altoona and now at University Park. Unis explained how the shoes compare to others when it comes to conformability and durability.

He said, “I’d say it’s the same as a normal pair of shoes if not, with the materials we are working with, better.  As we can kind of engineer these shoes to the full extent instead of cutting pieces and sewing pieces together. We can add vents, ventilation to the shoe in proper areas that shoes now can’t.”

Unis Brands is set to release a slide-on sandal this summer and pitch to a network investment show later this month.